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Paropakar Primary Health Care Centre (PPUK),Kavre.
Library For Rural School Project.
Annual Progress Report-2012
Paropakar Primary Health Care Centre (PPUK) has been working as the partner of Room to Read to implement Reading Room Program in Kavre from 2009. During this period, PPUK  has established 59 school libraries in remote area of the district. Reading Room program is key program which helps to develop reading habit among the primary children. From this program, PPUK came to know that, to enhance the quality education library is one of the key factors, where students make their own reading habit by playing with books. To develop reading habit among the primary students of program supported schools, PPUK organized different level Reading activities training to librarians and co-librarians, school level meeting with parents, child club formation and orientation them, cluster level inter school reading competition and so on. Radio program is also started by covering children creativity as well as interview with teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders regarding use of books and it’s impact to develop reading habit. By knowing that, library could play vital role to enhance quality of education, PPUK started one school, one library movement in kavre. The goal of the movement is to establish libraries in each community school of district with coming 5 years. For this, PPUK has started to table talk with different stakeholders like VDC, DDC, DEO and other I/NGOs working in education sector.

Annual Activity Summary  and achievement.

1.      As of mission priority we are responsible to collect GPS data of 93 RRs of 2007 to 2010 of Kavre. For this task, we have given top priority on our monthly action plan of January and February. Three GPS machines are used to collect GPS data from different clusters. With in the given time, we were able to collect GPS data of 93 schools and updated it in GSD.
Please refer annex 3 for detail information.
2.      RR monitoring, supervision & on-site data verification
As of our regular staffs meeting information/report, we came to know the present situation of each library and challenges which they have been facing. Based on these information, we have planned to organize a group visit which are not well functioning RRs. The main objective of the visit was to make such RRs functioning for improvement HOR of students. During this reporting period we visited more than 20 Reading Rooms of different phase of Mahadevsthan, Jaisithok, Bangthali, Majhipheda of Koshipari area. Visit was   done by PPUK Executive member, PC, PA and RRF of respective cluster. During our visit we observed all registers and overall library management as well as its use. We found the present situation of RRs, concerns, issues and challenges. We observed challenges in some schools and organized meeting with whole school team including SMC, PTA to mitigate the problem or challenges which they are facing. We strictly advised to improve overall library management and best use of it. Below listed schools were improved after our group visit.
·         Shree Sarwajanik LSS, Salle.
·         Shree Suryodaya SS, Banthali.
·         Shree Mandalidevi PS, Kutal.
·         Shree Narayanthan LSS, Gimdi.
·         Shree Siddheshwor SS, Sanupokhara.
·         Shree Budha Himalay SS, Majhipheda.
3.      DEO interaction meeting:
DEO Kavre had organized one day interaction meeting dated on 5th march, 2012 in Dhulikhel Training Centre Kavre. They have invited different organizations working in education sector in Kavre district.  All together there were 25 participates from different organizations. Interaction was mainly focused on following objectives:
·         Sharing the progress and major highlights of 2011 program in Kavre.
·         Major program and budget sharing of 2012.
·         Open discussion and idea sharing to each other.
Each organization had shared their progress, challenges and significant change. Similarly, DEO had provided a standard form to prepare progress of 2011 and tentative program and budget of 2012 for making it uniform.  All organization up-dated the progress of 2011 and program and budget of 2012 in given format and submitted to DEO personnel. They have committed to organize such types of sharing workshop in quarterly basis. We also shared the strength, weakness, challenges and recommendation of program of 2011 and also tentative program and budget of 2012. DEO Mr Ram Saran Sapkota had requested to extend library support program focusing to the schools of remote area. They also committed to monitor and follow-up the library on their regular visit. Similarly, DEO Kavre shared that they were going to establish one library in DEO office and have requested for some books from room to Read for develop model library in DEO Office, Dhulikhel.

4.      School level sensitization workshop:
PPUK RR team came to know that it’s impossible to develop habit of reading among the children with support of parents. We all know that a child spend his 5 to 6 hours time in schools and rest of the time he spend in his/her home. So to develop reading habit, we should create reading environment not only in school but in homes also. So create reading habit of children we organize school level parents sensitization meeting in 39 schools of phase IV.

Objectives of meeting.
·         To make aware the parents on the importance of reading and share the individual talent of their children in the meeting.
·         To make the community engagement
Parents involvement in
We had played facilitation role one day school sensitization workshop. Parents, SMC, LMC members, teachers and Friends of library members were actively participated in the workshop/meeting. Schools were informed all parents, SMC, LMC members by sending formal invitation letter on time. Total …. Participants were participated in the workshop.
Head teacher (Thakur LS) shared library up-date report among team, which is captured below:
·         Our school is enriched with enough physical facility like 3 different blocks with eleven rooms with beautiful flower garden, potable drinking water system and toilets which was supported by Love green Nepal (Japanese organization). In-addition to this we have been enjoying equipped library which was supported by Room to Read Nepal and PPUK kavre since 3 years. We feel proud that many children of our school, ex-student and community refer different books and other materials from library.
·         We have currently 3300 books which were received from different organizations (476 love green Nepal, 2700 RtR & 62 school own source).
·         School has total fund of 8387 in library fund which we collected from students Rs 5 per month, 150 per yearly basic by teachers.
·         Library has supported to enhance the reading level and reading environment in the school which we observe through positive result of children.
Besides, he also presented their further plans which are given below:
·         Prepare library improvement plan as soon as possible.
·         Presenting the creativity of the students through wall magazine as many as possible.
·         Increase NDT time for using library period focusing to one to five grades.
After report presentation all participants shared their queries, experience and opinion in the floor. We raised our views and concern among them and also shared the importance and use of reading period and habit for making independent readers of the students. Similarly, we suggested maximum use of library materials to increase the reading skill & habit of student and suggested to prepare library activities focusing to primary grade. Parents also appreciated to RtR & PPUK for providing such beautiful equipped library. Besides, teachers and parents also requested organization not to forget library also after library handover.