Friday, October 19, 2018

Code of conducts of PPUK
Code of Ethics for Staffs, Governing Body, Members and Volunteers

1.      We work beyond the borders of politics, religion, culture, race and ethnicity with organizations and individuals that share common values and objectives.
2.      We do not change our policies or “non-partisan” nature in order to curry political favor or disrespect.
3.      We are sensitive to the moral values, religion, customs, traditions, culture, and gender of office bearers and the communities we serve.
4.      Our staffs, governing body, members and volunteers put organizational goals before personal goals, keeping the best interests of the entire program ahead of individual desires. They work relentlessly and in a creative manner towards the institutional development.
5.      We take prompt corrective action whenever wrongdoing is discovered among our staffs, governing body, members, volunteers, contractors and partners.
6.      Our staffs, governing body, members and volunteers refrain from using their official position to secure special privilege, gain or benefit for themselves.
7.      Our staffs, governing body, members and volunteers do not use alcoholic drinks and tobacco in public places.
8.      We treat our staffs, members and volunteers with a fairness and equity, and as individuals with rights to be honored and defended. We behave each other in an unbiased manner. Where a possible bias is unavoidable or inherent, it is to be disclosed.
9.      We tolerate “zero” in case of fraud, corruption, misconduct, and morally unacceptable behaviors.
10.    We do not take any financial benefits to fulfill personal motives and objectives on pretext of running the organization, from direct contact with any other organizations or individuals, violating the prevalent rule of law.
11.    We make transparency in terms of organizational financial matters, public accountability and people’s right to information.
12.    Our staffs, governing body, members and volunteers don not disclose or use any confidential information during their tenancy or thereafter regarding maintenance of the institutional integrity and privacy.
13.    Our each staff, governing body and professional discloses each institutional affiliation that she or he has that might possibly involve a conflict of interest.