• ppuknepal

    Message From Chairperson

It’s my great pleasure to share with you all about what PPUK has successfully accomplished during its 31 years of works in development sector. On this special occasion, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our well wishers, supporters, state and non-state actors including the development partners who have played instrumental roles to bring us to where we stand and what we are today.

From the very beginning, we have been focusing our efforts to uplift the living standards of the rural people who are really poor, marginalized and deprived of different developmental projects and activities. To date, we have successfully completed 50 drinking water and sanitation schemes, by which 31,109 rural populations of 5,092 households were directly benefitted. In the same way, we have established 126 school libraries in the community schools of the Kavre district to establish a Library in each community school within five years. Due to our sincere efforts, 25,000 students, 1,200 teachers and 25,000 parents have access to colorful children’s books, teachers’ reference materials, and community learning books. Besides these, we have provided different scholarships to the poor and conflict-affected students, income-generating activities to hundreds of women and disadvantaged groups who have been affected by 10 years long violent conflict, provided equipment and medicine support to Health Posts that serve the rural populations, contributed to empowering the women and disadvantage community groups through the Regenerated Friesian Literacy through Empowering Community Techniques (REFLECT) Classes in Citizen Awareness Centres and so on. All these would have been impossible without the continued support of our donors, both state and non-state actors, well wishers and the general public at the grassroots level.

Our long journey of serving the needy rural poor has begun and we strongly felt that we have to work even harder and do more as hundreds of children and teachers have been asking for the PPUK support for books in their schools and libraries, thousands of thirsty rural communities have also been waiting with a hope to get pure and safe drinking water and thousands of indigenous women and peoples from the disadvantage groups are dreaming to grow and live their lives with respect and dignity. In order to contribute to fulfill these dreams of the rural communities, we need your continued support and co-operation and I hereby urge all of you to join hands and work together with more vigor and energy to accomplish the goal of serving the rural poor, marginalized and deprived communities in the coming days.

Dr. Sangram Lama