• ppuknepal


The organization is focusing to work in rural and quite remote areas of different regions and sector of the country, in diversified field like rural drinking water and sanitation, poverty reduction through different aspects, environmental preservation, non-formal education for women and advocacy and net- working.


The main aims of the organization are creating social justice and social transformation through sustainable development and economic empowerment of our society.

Besides this, the following are the addressed objective of our organization:

  • To help increase economic status of rural communities and make them self-reliance by implementing various integrated programs and activities.
  • To promote the level of awareness among the people through awareness raising program and other advocacy campaign and efforts.
  • To launch rural water supply and sanitation program in the need felt areas.
  • To prevent the environment from hazardous degradation and take steps on issues and initiate them on afforestation program and help conserve the existing forest resources.
  • To establish primary health care center in order to serve rural communities in the health sector through curative and preventive measures.
  • To empower rural women and make them socio-economically active.
  • To introduce programme in bringing world peace and help develop the balance between people and environment.
  • To establish good relationships with different level of national and international organizations for bilateral co-operation and information dissemination.