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    Community Environment Improvement

Community Environment Improvement through Forest Management has been introducing at Chhatiwan VDC of Makawanpur VDC and the project area is quite complex, and the surrounding areas cover with hills, forestland and wetland and river areas.


Project Objectives:

  • To promote and generate the enormous energy of local forest consumer’s committee quite strongly.
  • To protect community environment through making involvement of community people.
  • To launch environmental awareness program and to deliver environmental education to the community people.


Nature of project:

  • People Oriented
  • Women empowerment

Funding source: Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF)

Project Period: June 2000 to May 2003 (Three years)

Project location: Chhatiwan VDC- 6 & 7, Makawanpur

Donor Agency: Rs. 18,50000.00

Local Contribution: Rs. 1,84,325.00

Contact Person of donor agency:

Mr. Yoshikazu Irie

General Manager

Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund- KNCF