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    Community Tile Development Project

This community tile development project was launched at Chukhabesi of Saramthali VDC of Kavre district. This project is entirely community-based project.

Brief features of project programme-


  • Support for community environment conservation initiatives,
  • To introduce and sustainable housing system by replacing hut roofs through these tile roofs.

 Nature of Project:

  • People oriented
  • Acquiring sound co-operation of community people;

 Funding Sources: IUCN

Program Area: – Chukhabesi of Saramthali VDC, Kavre.

Total fund: – RS. 231,836.00

Duration:– One Year

Type of Project: – Environment conservation through community mobilization.

Contact Person of Donor:

Mr. Anil Chhitrakar

Program Manager.IUCN-Nepal