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    Library For Rural Schools

This is reading promotion based project which emphasis to develop reading habit of primary level students by providing different colorful story books and other reading materials. This project in focus in rural area of kavre district and target group of this project are primary level children of community school.



  • ¬†Developthe¬† habit of reading for the primary level children of community school.
  • To create child friendly reading environment in school.


Nature of programme:

  • Books and reading materials support to school to create reading environment in school.
  • Demand-driven approach
  • To acquire full co-operation of community people specially SMC, PTA and parent.

Donor :- Room to Read, Nepal.

Total fund of the project till date:– 1,20,00,000.00 (ongoing from 2009)

Contact person of donor:– Anup Tiwari, Program Manager

Email; anup.tiwari@roomtoread.org

Name of Project: Library for Rural School Project.

Supported by: Reading Room Program, Room to Read, Nepal.

Project started from: January, 2009.

Project end: Ongoing till December, 2017.

Area coverage: 218/599 Schools of 42/87 VDCs and 2/3 Municipalities.

Objectives of Project:

  • Establish resourceful libraries to community schools of Kavre district in order to
    develop reading habit of children.
  • Capacity building of teacher to conduct different reading activities like aloud reading,
    peer reading, shared reading and independent reading.

Key activities

  • Organized meeting with District Education Office, finalized potential area and
    schools and then application form distribution through Resource Persons (RPs) of
  • Receive application form, compile data and make short list of potential school on
    basis of school selection guideline of Room to Read, Nepal.
  • Visit short listed schools and organized meeting with SMC, PTA and teacher team
    regarding school library program and contribution form School side.
  • If Schools are found interested and all required criteria meet, conduct visioning
    workshop in the school in which parents, SM, PTA, child club and teachers used to
  • Establish Library in separate room and also book corner (Class room library) for
    grade 1, 2 and 3.
  • Provide basic library management and Library activity training to 5 primary teachers
    in every year of project period.
  • Meeting with Parents regarding the performance of their children in school and sharethe role of parents to develop reading habit in their children.
  • Monthly monitoring support to school and collect different data known as GI & CI monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Community Sensitization program, and fund raise for library to update books after
    library hand over.
  • Reading assessment of each primary level children in every six month and support toteacher for prepare plan to improve reading level of students.
  • Add books and other reading materials each year of project period.
  • Finally, hand over the library after 36 months of project start and follow up even after hand over.


  • Established 146 resourceful libraries in the community schools of rural area of the
  • Now, more than 30 thousand students are in access of resourceful library and reading
    books of their interest and level in their own time and place.
  • 800 plus teachers has changed their teaching methodology after receiving different
    level training and short discussion.
  • 12 thousand primary level children are playing with different wooden materials and
    colorful pictorial books in their own classes.
  • Parents are aware on reading of their children and stared to visit school time to time.
  • More than 500 students in average book checked out every day. Even community
    members also book check out the books of their own interest.