Monday, November 12, 2018

Paropakar Primary Health Care Centre (PPUK)

Paropakar Primary Health Care Centre was initiated with tremendous efforts and active participation of local people and had worked on entirely voluntary basis. It was certainly the beginning of this organization nearly seventeen years ago. But after the restoration of multiparty democracy in Nepal, result of historical people’s movement of 1990, there was a rushing of NGO movement in Nepalese society on service delivery basis and development approach. And indeed some of the active founder members of the organization had changed the modality of structure and pattern of works of the organization and introduced it as semi –professional social organization.

Paropakar Primary Health Care Center is an entirely nonprofit making, non-governmental non-political and social development organization. This organization was established with the core objectives of enhancing socio-economic conditions of the society through sustainable development process in order to help develop livelihood of deprived and marginalized segment of our community .The organization has been working throughout the kingdom for the upliftment of deprived and undertrodden segment of our society. The organization has given special priority for the enhancement of socio-economic condition of rural people, poorest of the poor and marginalized community and taking in consideration for the empowerment of women and low cast ethnic group throughout the kingdom. Since its establishment, the organization has been providing services in different sectors and social aspects, which include rural water supply and sanitation, community health and health education, primary health care services, environment conservation and forest management, rural poverty alleviation, women empowerment, advocacy and net –working, non formal education for different groups. The massive effort will be taken for sustainable development by acquiring active participation of local community people in each and every sector of our society.